Green Mountain Coffee Roasters:
A Success Story in Reducing Idling Time of Delivery Trucks

In 2005, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) adopted an Idling Reduction Policy with the goals of improving air quality and saving money through reduced fuel consumption. Don Osler, GMCR's Specialty Coffee Business Unit Distribution Manager and the man behind the Idling Reduction Policy, had this to say about the policy:

"As fuel prices reached $3/gallon in 2004, we began testing potential fuel-saving devices on our trucks. In order to measure the results, I began to analyze the engine control module (ECM) data for individual trucks. The amount of idling time caught my attention. We educated the drivers about idling and asked them what was necessary versus unnecessary idling. From there, we established goals for idle reduction and, through the years, set the bar higher. In the end, our goals were met and the drivers became advocates of engine idle reduction."

The success Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has had with their Idling Reduction Policy is a great example that shows both the environmental and monetary benefits of reduced idling. The below idling fact sheet from GMCR highlights important information from their policy including the idling facts that led them to create the Idling Reduction Policy and results from the policy.

GMCR Idling Reduction Policy

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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Idling Fact Sheet

This article from the Investor's Business Daily (November 21, 2008) has more information about the implementation and successes of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Idling Reduction Policy.

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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Newspaper Article