Rosie: What is Idling? GraphicOne minute of idling a vehicle produces as much carbon monoxide as smoke from three packs of cigarettes. That's disgusting!

Idling just 5-10 minutes a day can add up to 1-2 tanks of fuel and $35-115 wasted each year going nowhere.

But the good news is that we can improve our air quality, avoid wasting fuel, and save money by making a commitment to reduce unnecessary idling when safe, like not in traffic.

While your vehicle is idling during short stops for red lights and stop signs, this is not a safe opportunity to turn your engine off to protect air quality. The Colorado State Patrol and Engines OFF! Colorado discourage drivers from turning their engines off on active roadways because you cannot predict how quickly you will have to move again. But, you can safely avoid unnecessary idling in common situations, like warming up vehicles in the winter and waiting to pick up passengers.

What Can I Do?