Local EffortsFort Collins Breathe Easy Poster

Anti-idling laws and ordinances are becoming more common, however, various local efforts have proven that you can spread the word about engine idling and make a difference without having the laws and ordinances to support the message.


The city of Fort Collins, Colorado, has a local anti-idling program called Breathe Easy. The efforts of the Breathe Easy Program are aimed at reducing unnecessary vehicle idling in the Fort Collins area by encouraging residents to turn their engines off if their vehicle will be sitting idle for 30 seconds or more.


The Pepsi Center, the home to the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche and a concert venue, launched a program called Play Clean to support various environmental initiatives. As part of the Play Clean program, the Pepsi Center has designated preferred spaces specifically for hybrid cars. Additionally, signs were posted in front of the Pepsi Center box office promoting the area in front of the box office as a No Idling Zone. The signs were placed with the purpose of reducing the unnecessary idling of vehicles dropping off passengers at the box office and for events at the Pepsi Center.


The Town of Vail, Colorado, has an anti-idling ordinance that limits idling to no more than 20 minutes in a one hour period; however, the Town of Vail Employee Green Team thinks they can do better! The Green Team asks all city employees not to idle vehicles for more than 5 minutes in a one hour period as an example to the community. All town vehicles help promote and support idling reduction by wearing bumper stickers that read "idling gets you nowhere."